Blockchain Defensive Patent License

Any patent we are granted will be freely licensed pursuant to the Blockchain Defensive Patent License.

This Offering Announcement was last updated on March 9, 2018.


BTRIC strongly supports the free and open exchange of the intellectual property that serves as the foundation for the projects, products, services, and businesses that we all support.  Together, the emerging technology industry is transforming civilization in a profound way.  We believe that the technology we create, adapt, improve upon, and rely upon to enable that transformation is simply too valuable to be withheld from humanity.  The patents, source code, concepts, standards, and best-practices guidance that enable this new paradigm should not be subject to restrictive patents, licenses, or other encumbrances that hinder their use for any purpose.  We commit to make our intellectual property freely available for use by all.  Specific to any patents we are ever granted, we commit to the following offering pursuant to the Blockchain Defensive Patent License:

Offering Announcement

This Offering Announcement is issued by Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation, a New Jersey non-profit corporation (“Licensor”). All capitalized terms herein have the meaning as defined in the applicable numbered version of the Blockchain Defensive Patent License.

Licensor hereby commits to offer all of its Patents under the Blockchain Defensive Patent License version 1.0 or greater (“License”) to any BDPL User. The Licensor shall refer to the License for the procedures on granting and accepting such License.

Date: March 9, 2018

Licensor’s contact information is as follows:

Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation
610 Lacey Road #749
Forked River, NJ 08731
United States of America

+1 732-719-6839

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