The Decentralization Revolution is Now

We build and launch emerging technology businesses. We also research, educate, and advocate about the ways these technologies are reshaping humanity.

Introducing BTRIC

Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation (BTRIC) is a non-profit economic development organization that works with great projects and transforms them into awesome businesses, launching them into the marketplace ready for investment and primed for growth.

We also focus on industry-wide advocacy, educational, and research efforts to promote best-practices and smart approaches to changing the world through decentralization and other emerging technologies.  Learn more about us.

Innovations Incubator

We help promising projects become amazing, investment-grade businesses.

And then we launch them.


We conduct research and development that benefits the emerging technology ecosystem.

We make it available freely to all.

BTRIC Institute

We advocate, educate, and promote standards and best-practices.

The entire industry benefits from our work.


We welcome participation from people and organizations that support our mission.

Together, we will make new things possible.

Contribute to BTRIC's Launch as a Founding Donor

For a limited time, BTRIC is conducting our launch fundraising campaign.  When you contribute as a Founding Donor, we give you BTRIC Founding Donor (BFD) Tokens.  You also have the opportunity to be listed and recognized as a Founding Donor.  We accept fiat and cryptocurrencies.  This is a limited-time opportunity to participate as a Founding Donor and receive BFD Tokens.

Once the BFD Token fundraiser ends, there will never be another opportunity to receive BFD Tokens.  Holders of BFD Tokens will receive a free grant of “BTRIC Coin” when it launches later this year.  In addition, on an ongoing basis, holders of BFD Tokens receive rewards from each project that completes our Innovations Incubator program (not only the projects we are working on now, this also includes every future project).  It’s our way of returning valuable benefits and rewards to holders of BFD Tokens as recognition for supporting our launch.

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