Law Enforcement Guide

This Law Enforcement Guide was last updated on December 1, 2017.

Because Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation (BTRIC) works with projects that incorporate cryptocurrency or other similar digital assets, we are providing this guide for law enforcement organizations to outline what information we do and do not posess.

Other than donations to our non-profit charitable organization, BTRIC users do not make transaction requests to us.  Instead, they transact themselves, directly with a virtual currency network.

Any wallet service we provide is essentially a backup service, like Dropbox or Amazon AWS, except much more limited.  We only back up one kind of file, an encrypted wallet.

BTRIC is not a financial intermediary.  This is different than how virtual currency exchanges operate.  We never know any of our users’ private keys.  Without knowing private keys, we cannot and do not take control of or transmit our users’ virtual currency.  BTRIC is noncustodial.  BTRIC users can store and spend the same virtual currencies, in as many other industry-standard software wallets as they like, at the same time as they are stored in our wallet service.

BTRIC cannot:

  • Spend virtual currency on a user’s behalf (or against the user’s wishes);
  • Freeze or forfeit virtual currency on law enforcement’s behalf; or
  • Determine the balance of wallets.

BTRIC does not know:

  • Wallet balances;
  • Verified legal names;
  • Mailing addresses; or
  • Social security or national ID numbers.

To be clear, any wallet service operates in this manner:

  • User downloads wallet software and encrypted backup from BTRIC;
  • Wallet, including private keys, are decrypted in the user’s browser using their password;
  • Users transact virtual currency using the wallet software; and then
  • Wallet is re-encrypted in the user’s browser and backed up to our servers for future use.

If you seek information from BTRIC:

  • Contact us to determine whether we are able to assist.  Our email address is;
  • Provide a wallet identifier (e.g. 2td3t671-c54d-ds32-236t-85ftya3b24dd) and/or virtual currency address (e.g. 1btricdjXr4uAFnxPULmzpXmaVWnP25o6); and
  • Provide a valid judicial order issued by a court having jurisdiction over BTRIC, which is located in Lakewood, New Jersey in the United States of America.

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