BTRIC commits to the Blockchain Defensive Patent License

March 11, 2018

As you know, BTRIC is committed to operating as a completely transparent organization.  We are committed to helping other organizations increase their transparency by adopting the best practices that we create and maintain to their own organizations.  We believe that the intellectual property — patents, source code, concepts, standards, and best-practices guidance — that enable the transformative paradigm-shift now taking place is simply too valuable to be subject to restrictive patents, licenses, or other encumbrances that hinder their use for any purpose.  We commit to making the intellectual property we create available to all.  Specific to any patents we are ever granted, we commit to this offering pursuant to the Blockchain Defensive Patent License.  We encourage all participants in the industry to adopt permissive licensing models to the extent possible.  Everyone should benefit from a level playing field.  That is part of what we, and so many others, are working to achieve.

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